Note: Many sites are geared for retail on-line sales, so they have items at higher prices than you will be paying through us, or, they may be offering things for retail sale that they do not offer for wholesale accounts. If in doubt, check with us.

First things first: How Does Your Store Look? We get asked about fixtures, racks, mannequins, hangers, showcases, etc. ALL the time, and there’s just not enough quality used equipment to go around. We’ve found a great source for ANYTHING you need to help display anything we sell. Click here to learn more.
Also: You May Be Paying Too Much For Your Credit Card Merchant Services! We’ve found a company named One World Solutions (OWS) that might be the solution–for credit cards, check cashing, on-site ATMs, any sort of payment processing issues, they can help. Click here to learn more. All we need you to do is send us a recent statement, and OWS will find ways to lower or cut your costs and fees.
Either way, call or email us if you have further questions…

“How Do I Begin To Start On This Stuff???” you might ask… Well, check the menu option “How To Get Started” and we will recommend vendors whose products we’ve found to be good ways to do just that. We even divide the choices down by specific retailer category, depending on the type of store you have. When you are viewing the “How To Get Started” page, click the name of any vendor listed, it will transport you to that vendor’s site.

Note: Vendors with active Facebook pages that we would recommend “liking” or following will have a Facebook icon at the end of their mention below. Click on that and you will be linked to their Facebook page… but please realize some Facebook content may be focusing direct to consumer rather than to wholesale accounts like yourself. If in any doubt or you have questions, contact us.

Alchemy: goth/heavy metal jewelry and accessory items known worldwide by the guy who invented the Sex Pistols lapel pin. They also have the Poker line
of band-logo jewelry. $150 Initial Minimum. Wholesale ordering available via their site.

Atom Age Industries: shirts, other apparel and assorted stuff from the likes of Devo, Dead Kennedys, Husker Du, Fear, Meat Puppets, TRex and more. Click here for a line list…no minimum order.

Black Ball Corp.: Everything and anything you need if your store is a throwback to the 60s and 70s–but with plenty of contemporary goods too: Posters, incense, incense burners, ashtrays, lighters, tin signs, flags, games, candles, security cans, shot glasses, cigarette cases, and tons more groovy gear. Initial minimum=$50. No reorder minimum. View on Facebook

Capturing Couture: fashion forward and comfortable guitar straps for both men and women. Men’s are as comfortable as a pair of suspenders….women’s are scarf-like and will feel soft as a cloud. Minimum starting order is $400, any assortment. No min on reorders. To see a line list/order form click here.

C. B. Gitty Crafters: sells kits and other items focusing on the DIY hobby Cigar Box Guitar (and other instrument) building. Simple enough for beginners and fun enough for seasoned pickers, both building and playing these babies are bound to bring a big smile to your face. Whether a basic slide guitar, a one-string diddley-bow, a uke, a kalimba (thumb piano), a small amp or more, they do it all with cigar boxes and other interesting discards. The link above clicks to their overall retail site, but click here for their wholesale offerings that include their bestselling kits and other neat stuff. These will have you playing at well under $100 retail and you can sell them at a margin that beats most of the musical instrument business. Minimum is 5 pcs in any combination. View on Facebook

Culturenik: (formerly Import Images/Classico) posters, both standard and slim (1’x3′)sized, other various sized prints, plus mugs, magnets, puzzles, journals and frames. Subjects feature TV properties like Dr. Who, Friends, The Office, movies ( “Gone With The Wind”, “Wizard of Oz”, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, more), fine art (Van Gogh, Dali) and photography. This company links pop culture with fine art–a vast selection of stuff to put on anyone’s walls. Minimum starting order: $200, Reorders: $150. Orders are fulfilled by Amazon so link above will direct you to an Amazon page. Click here for Prices and Policies for paper goods like prints, and for other items like puzzles, journals, mugs, postcards, greeting cards, magnets, Prices and Policies can be found if you click here. View on Facebook

Daphyl’s: Licensed classic rock on baby products! Beatles, Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead, The Who on sippy cups, strollers, plus toys and play mirrors….more products AND licensed artists (Elvis, Jimi, Pantera) to come! Minimum order: $150, but they’ll take any amount as a starter order! View on Facebook

Far End Gear: if you’re into fitness, be it bicycling, running/walking, weight lifting or other physical activities, odds are you listen to music through earphones and have the problem of them popping out of your ears, the cord getting tangled, or not being able to hear traffic or other activities around you unless you pull one earphone out and have to suffer through one of two stereo channels and the other ‘phone flopping around. No more—Far End Gear solves all that with BudLoks®, which will keep your ear buds in place, and the XDU Single earphones with both channels in one. They also have single and double earphones with shortened cords so you can use an armband or shirt pockets without a lot of extra cord flopping around and catching on things. All cords are fabric braided for extra strength and longer life. Minimum is 4 subcases which works out to about 12-16 pcs depending on the product involved (from about $80 to $150). They offer a free counter display too.

Frame USA: now that you’ve bought as many as half-a-dozen poster lines from us, do you have customers nagging you for something to hang them with? Here’s the company to use–huge selection of frames–ready made or sectional (allowing you to custom frame any size poster). All kinds of materials–wood or metal, and in a kalidescope of colors, with pricing to fit any budget. Minimum=$100, orders $50-$100 accepted with $10 service charge. They have online ordering.

Global Prints: posters (including giant subway-sized posters) and other prints featuring published titles like Banksy, Sports, Friends, Seinfeld. Minimum $100. Minimum per title is 3 each on standards, subways and slim prints, 2 each on art prints.

GMF Music: run by a veteran audio engineer, who’s tweaked, improved and perfected the types of gear he used to work on at other companies. The products range from transducer style pickups and preamps, mostly for acoustic guitar and other instruments. More goods to come! Minimum order is $100. View on Facebook

Guitar Sleeve: wear those huge buckles, pearl snap-button shirts, and sequined vests all you want on stage now because with this product you won’t scratch the finish on the back of your prized guitar. Also gives added protection when your instrument is inside the case.
Min. order= 6 pcs, or $60.

Hi Fidelity Entertainment: this line has shirts and other apparel for Kottonmouth Kings, Bauhaus, NY Dolls, Santana, Siouxsie, Deep Purple and more. Min=$150 first time, $100 for reorders. When you first get on this site, use the following to log in: USERNAME: PASSWORD: hifiwholesale When you want to order online please be sure to set up your own username and password!

Hot Picks USA: not only a huge selection of guitar picks (skulls, zombies, flowers, licensed band logos, molded hearts, peace signs, etc., etc.) but straps, and the best strap lock device on the market called “Straptight” (for a more detailed separate Straptights website click here). Want your picks or even Straptights customized with YOUR logo? They are experts at this and offer competitive pricing and minimum. Minimimum overall order is $100. For Hot Picks facebook page click here: View on Facebook …for separate facebook link to Straptights see: View on Facebook

Hot Properties: magnets, buttons, stickers, keychains etc. on licenses ranging from Sons of Anarchy, Awkward Family Photos, Despicable Me, Tapatio hot sauce, many more… plus rude-crude humor T-shirts. Min. order=$100, 3 pcs per item.

Impact Merchandise: This line has shirts, buttons, patches, stickers, posters and other items for a wealth of classic & punk bands from the ’60s to early ’90s–Joy Division, GG Allin, Minor Threat, Bad Brains, DKs, plus Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, ACDC Jimi Hendrix, Velvet Underground, much more. An exceptional collection too of cult movie t-shirts: Army of Darkness, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Bruce Lee, etc. Min. order= $100. In addition to merch mentioned, Impact’s sister company Drastic Plastic Records reissues high quality vinyl LPs from the likes of The Clash, Agent Orange, Meatmen, Exploited and Toasters. Click here to learn more. View on Facebook

Ivoreez: a system that can have you singing and playing piano chords along with your voice in minutes, even if you’ve never had a piano lesson. Think of the piano/keyboard version of “Chord Buddy” or “Guitar Hero”—but it’s no game. Might help you better understand keyboard playing if you do decide to get serious. Special key decals come in an envelope and meant to be used with their online access of hundreds of song lyrics. Minimum is 10 pcs or about $50.

JSR: apparel for ACDC, Pink Floyd, and outstanding selection of metal and grindcore bands like Cannibal Corpse, Carcass, Cradle of Filth, Iced Earth, SOD, Mercyful Fate, Dimmu Borgir, much more. Many generic printed shirts like peace signs, iron crosses, Che, humor are also available starting at only $6 each. No minimum. Note: when logging into their site, you might want to email them first with your preferred log in info–it indicates how to do this on their home page. But, if you’re in a hurry, use my log-in: email: and password: wbcornell View on Facebook

Kachina: over 150 styles of designer-quality sunglasses at a fraction of the cost. Display packages and starter kits available too. Like Zippos (see Trevco), it doesn’t matter what kind of store you have, you can sell sunglasses and custom tailor selection to fit your situation. An impulse item sure to make you money. Minimum= $300, 1 dozen per style, styles average $36 per doz. Most styles in several colors which can be assorted per dozen. View on Facebook

LA Pop Art: t-shirts and other apparel covering multiple themes using micrography—using text about a particular theme to form a related image. An example: their Abe Lincoln shirt shows his likeness formed by the words to the Gettysburg Address. Themes cover subjects like songs & music, pop culture & politics, literature, sports, military, travel and regional pride, more. Click on their name right above to link to their site…but if you want to look at their art archive,
try clicking here as well to discover more. Minimum order is $150 to start, $100 reorders.

LPG: Flag posters (30×40 dimensions) on most popular current and classic bands. Pink Floyd, ICP, Metallica, Pantera, Iron Maiden, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, Misfits. Also Alchemy, Luis Royo, Victoria Frances, various international flags and other cool art, and a line of studded leather belts, wristbands. Minimum is $150 with 3 per sku, but will allow less if you don’t mind paying a $10 charge at end of invoice. They have discounts that automatically kick in at 250, 500, 1000 pcs and more. View on Facebook

Magnetapicks: Guitar picks with thin magnetic wafer imbedding within the pick itself…this allows you to slap them onto strings, other metal parts of your guitar or other picked fretted instrument and they stay put. (Insert in a Pickbandz and you have one of those therapeutic magnetic bracelets!). Available in multiple colors. And that’s not all. They also sell hot sauces inspired by Jimi Hendrix in four psychedelic spicy flavors or in a gift set of all four. See here and here. Minimum $50. View on Facebook

Merch Direct: T-shirts and other items from the likes of Deftones, Bad Brains, Brand New, Morbid Angel, Napalm Death, Sleep and more. Use your own user name and password, or if you are in a hurry, use mine: it’s wbcornell for both. Minimum=$100. View on Facebook

Net Sales: stickers, patches on military type themes, hippie-like Deadhead type art, Zombies, Sugar Skulls, pinup girls, other cool art. Minimum: $125, usually 6 per item…however, they do allow full 100% returns. View on Facebook

No Sweat-Get A Grip Spray: if you’re ever plagued with sweaty palms, this stuff will take care of that. Active ingredient alum is hypo-allergenic and does not stain any surface. The line has multiple uses: golfers, tennis players, bowlers, mechanics…but these packages are for musicians—anyone who handles an instrument is a good match be it from stage fright or outdoor gigs in humid weather. Works until you wash it off with soap and water (will not come off with water alone, so reach into that ice bucket for your favorite drink while playing!). Minimum is 12 bottles (3 oz bottles), $4.75 wholesale per bottle. There is an acrylic display option that holds 12 bottles for an extra $6. View on Facebook

Pickbandz: the trend of colorful rubber wristband bracelets meets functionality of “where can I keep my guitar pick?”. They also have pendant necklaces that serve same dual function. Both bracelets and necklaces have a secure pouch that surrounds the pick and keeps it firmly in place. Display your collectible pick prominently or just have a place to keep it handy. Minimum order is 100 pcs (@ $2.50 each= $2.50). Free counter display with order of 150 pcs. Contact us to order–the site has retail prices; we’ll get it for you wholesale. View on Facebook

Poster Pop: stickers, patches and apparel from famous graphic artists like Coop, Kozik, Marco Almera, Pizz, Shag, and more. Some signed art from their roster of artists is available too. Minimum is $100.

PosterService: Poster distributor is also publisher of many college humor classic posters. Minimum=$100. They have online ordering. Note: this line is sister companies with Frame USA and you can combine orders.

Posters Wholesale:
​carries around 1000 titles at all times, all genres from Art to Comics to Sports to Music to Humor to Movies and more. Plenty of imports too. Minimum order is $100, 3 per sku and you can order either rolled and labelled, bulk flat, or shrinkwrapped flat on cardboard. Order either by taking note and contacting me…or use their easy online ordering. When you register for an account, use “WC” somewhere in your user name…or indicate “Rep Will Cornell” in the special instructions and I’ll make sure you’re getting kid gloves treatment.

QickPick: stylin’ baseball caps with a small pocket in the brim that can hold a guitar pick (they do come with a pick) for handy access while you play. They can also hold reeds for sax, clarinet etc players, although the reed may stick out a bit—still, no one else is doing this on headwear and it makes sense. Both mesh and cotton crowns, flat or curved brim in assorted prints. Min=24 pcs.

Rainbow Rider: Huge selection of jewelry–necklaces, bracelets, rings, more– from beads, bones, glass, hemp, plus hacky-sacks, hats, to other “hippie” and new age type items. Minimum $125, but we’ll help anyone get started. Minimum usually 6 per SKU.

Scorpio Posters: this line has the latest posters for Walking Dead, gangsters, girls, contemporary & classic rock bands and much more. In addition to standard posters, they carry door posters, murals and they are an excellent source for blacklite posters too. Minimum is $50, 3 per title. View on Facebook

Smilin’ Island Foods: if you were going to give any dish the flavor of the Caribbean, who’s mother’s recipe book would you refer to? As in mother of most-famous-native-son? Well, I think most of you would agree Bob Marley’s mother would be the best one to pick. Smilin’ Island presents hot sauces and other condiments from the legendary Cedella Marley-Booker and is run by the family. An order form can be accessed by clicking here min is one case (12 bottles). Note: gift packs are in the works for 2016 and these might be the better way to order for non-grocery retailers. Come and “Taste The Love”….

Solight Design: innovative solar powered portable lamps, the SolarPuff and Helix. Both fold flat for easy storage, weigh next to nothing, and about 8 hours of sun will yield up to 12 hrs of light. Water-resistant, able to fold out into various shapes, and each has a strap to enable hanging just about anywhere. Perfect for camping, other outdoor sports, emergency use, patio and lawn activities. Minimum order for wholesale is 20 pcs and you can find an order form by clicking here.

UGears US: mechanical wooden modelling kits; boats, cars, planes, trains, padlocks, jewelry boxes…and for you musical types out there, a working, playable hurdy gurdy. Most kits use no glue at all and with easy instructions. Wide variety of price ranges as well, from their Fidgets (4 to a pack for under $10 retail) on up to about $90 retail. Margin around 50% and minimum of $200 wholesale. View on Facebook

YTC Summit Int’l: this line sells a variety of products ranging from stuffed toys, figurines, jewelry, chess sets, containers, kitchenware… from associations with artists so that these goods are proprietary and unique. Subjects include Day of Dead “Sugar Skulls”, “Furrybones”, religious themes, Egyptology, goth, medieval and more. Reasonably priced with great margin potential. When linking to this site, use the following log-in info: For email: and password: wbcornell#1. Min. order=$100. View on Facebook

Zan Headgear: scores of styles of headwraps, bandannas, doo-rags, and other biker related merchandise like goggles, shades, knives, watches. Minimum $50. Note: prices shown on their site are retail. Wholesale is 50% off retail. View on Facebook