How to get started

“Where Do I Get Started?” You Might Ask—Recommended Lines To Help

After years of selling licensed products and related goods, we’ve noticed patterns and can tell what lines are best to start you on your way as a retailer first getting into this category.

Below are the common retailer categories we sell to, and what vendors we’d recommend looking at to get you started. This list by no means limits any retailer to those particular lines…we just feel these particular vendors will be a good way to ensure success and future growth on your sales floor.

CD/Record Shops & Rock Collectibles Stores: Black Ball Corp., Impact, JSR, Culturenik, Scorpio, NMR, LPG

T-Shirt Shops: Impact, JSR, High Fidelity

Art & Frame Shops: Culturenik, Frame USA, Scorpio, NMR

Smoke Shops & Lifestyle Boutiques: Black Ball Corp., Impact, JSR, LPG, Scorpio, Culturenik, NMR

Comic Book Stores: Scorpio, Impact

Musical Instrument Retailers: you’ve got specific needs and rather than give you links to my recommended vendors where you may have to browse through a lot of stuff you will not need, we’ve culled the items that will best suit your situation. We call these Starter Orders and you can access them via a collection of files that you can access by clicking here . Note: you can save these files to your desktop too. Keep an eye out on this link because we will amend and add to this file regularly to keep it fresh.

Motorcycle Motorclothes Shops: Black Ball Corp., Easy Riders, Bandit Brand, Zan Headgear, Kachina

Beach & Resort Stores: Black Ball Corp., Kachina, Zan Headgear