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Are you getting all the business you need? Are your marketing efforts paying off? Do you have all the customers you can handle? Are you where you wished you would be when you set out a few years ago? OR,
Are you just wishing customers would come through your door, throwing away money on marketing/advertising that doesn’t produce results? Are you just spinning your wheels and merely doing “OK”, getting by, or worse… failing?
After years of experience in varied aspects of the entertainment and licensing industries, plus re-education and training, I can help you:

· Improve your marketing efforts to the point where your customers will feel they’’d be foolish to deal with anyone but you, regardless of price.

· Fine-tune your advertising so that it gives your prospects a clear picture of what separates YOU from your competition.

· Set up a system to not only find and gain customers but also KEEP them for years.

· Figure out what innovation strategies you can add to your business to give you the edge you need, particularly in the competitive atmosphere that is today’s business world.

Attention all you inventors and small business start-ups that are trying to bring your product to market: after years of experience working with folks like you, we notice that while you have a great idea for a product, you might need help getting in the retailers and websites you desire. We can offer that help—packaging and merchandising, compliance issues, price/margin structure, and more. Don’t paint yourself into a corner only to find your goods or services aren’t marketable!

If your business is lacking in any of these points, you could use some help that a pair of outside eyes (mine) can bring to you.
Call me: 800-283-1146
…and I will send you a FREE audio CD program that will help you get started in the right direction. Listen to it and if it sounds good to you, if you can say yeah, this is right on”, we’’ll talk further.

Business has just two functions and only two: Marketing and Innovation. Marketing and Innovation make money. Everything else is a cost”.
-Peter Drucker

If you’re not number one in your industry, you HAVE to be innovative.
-Lee Iacocca

Will Cornell

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