AMV Sales

WELCOME TO OUR WEBSITE – please note we serve Wholesale Customers Only!

We’re AMV Sales, representing more than 30 vendors dealing with licensed products like:

  • T-shirts and other apparel
  • Posters, cards, stickers, other visual art and paper products
  • Accessories like handbags, wallets, jewelry  and related items

Most of our products tie in to Rock & Roll and other entertainment/lifestyle properties.  We sell to wholesale accounts in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Louisiana, New Mexico, Mississippi, Arkansas and other surrounding states.  We also welcome overseas inquiries–we already sell to accounts in Mexico, UK, Australia, Finland, Indonesia, and have plenty of experience selling elsewhere. 

Why use us to help your business excel at selling this product?

  • We are “hands-on” in the sense that we’ll initiate keeping you informed at least once monthly by email, phone, fax, regular mail–our goal is to keep you informed about what’s new and may apply to your particular store.  We do not try to bug you to meet any artificially imposed order quotas.
  • We represent a broad spread of products so when we see something is selling in one category, we can apply it to another….  But on the other hand,
  • We don’t have such a huge amount of lines and responsibilities that we forget things that may be important to you.
  • Our site links to vendors’  primary sources so you only need to remember our URL address (  More on this below…
  • We have been in business since 1987…but before that we were in your shoes:

    We’ve had retail experience, website sales experience, been purchasing agents for major chains, worked major rock tours, in other words:  dealt with the things you deal with.  So we understand when you’re busy…and when your business may be slow…and we know how to help in either case.

  • Speed.  Whether it’s placing an order or dealing with service issues, or just answering your questions.  We will get back to you within a day’s time, often less.
  • It costs nothing extra using us as opposed to going to the vendors direct.  If anything, we may save you time and money overall by being the one call you have to make.
  • All accounts/prospects mailed appropriate print catalogs at least once a year. We find websites are great, but there is still no substitute for a print catalog. If you need current catalogs from any of our lines, ask…chances are if you’re current, you may already have them, but feel free to call us to be sure. links you to our vendor’s sites. Some vendors require a password to proceed further. If so, please register using their instructions… they’ll usually get back to you within the day. If they don’t, or if you are in a hurry, please contact Will Cornell at 800-283-1146 and we’ll let you use ours temporarily. 

Some vendors allow wholesale ordering on their site. Some have retail shopping on their site. Please be sure you know the difference (check pricing) – we don’t want you to pay too much. You can always order from us via phone, fax or email, or just click the "Order" tab above. All of the vendors we deal with carry only 100% licensed merchandise if entertainment properties are involved.  

So…to view a site click on the links you see on the vendors page. If you need us any further, just contact us:

Ph: 800-283-1146 or 972-283-1128 
Fax: 972-283-5547 
Email: or
David Soriano 
Ph: 832-788-1480 or 512-902-0803
Fax/Voicemail: 888-550-4206 
Email: or

CONSULTATION SERVICES — are now being offered too. If your marketing, advertising, or sales efforts aren’t where they should be, we can help. Click on the “Consultation” tab above.